JICA boosts cooperation with Can Tho

JICA boosts cooperation with Can Tho
The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has raised the number of volunteers working in the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho to seven to step up its cooperation with the city in multiple fields.
Representatives of JICA Vietnam and the Can Tho government at the meeting on May 6. JICA aims to
boost its cooperation with the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho in multiple fields – PHOTO: HUYNH KIM
“I do love travelling and like Can Tho City. I will live and work in the city and take tours in the next two years as well as writing articles introducing Can Tho City,” Teraoka Mami, sent by JICA to the city, said at a meeting held on May 6 in Can Tho City.
Mami’s articles are expected to contribute to boosting cooperation between Japan and Can Tho City and making the city better known to the Japanese people.
Nguyen Thi Ngu, coordinator of the JICA Vietnam Office, noted that the chief representative of JICA in Vietnam had praised the results of the collaboration and the use of volunteers in the tourism marketing space.
“The chief representative of JICA in Vietnam sent a big thank you to the Can Tho authority for its support, asserting that JICA would be willing to strengthen its long-term cooperation with Can Tho in more new fields,” Ngu said.
Mai Van Phung, vice director of the Department of External Relations in Can Tho City, remarked that the department and other agencies would create the most favorable conditions for Mami to live and work effectively in the city.
In addition to Mami, Can Tho City has received six other Japanese volunteers since 2017. These volunteers are working in various fields such as agriculture, healthcare, tourism and sports.
Can Tho City currently hosts Japan Desk, the JICA Office and the Vietnam-Japan Friendship Industrial Park, covering 30 hectares in Cai Rang District.
Further, the city has constructed an apartment block near the industrial park to serve Japanese experts and firms in Can Tho City.
As of end-2018, Japan had invested in 3,889 projects worth US$55.7 billion in Vietnam, of which Can Tho City received US$34.5 million for eight projects.
By Huynh Kim