Southern Folk Cake Festival 2019

Southern Folk Cake Festival 2019
The 2019 Southern Folk Cake Festival will be held in the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho from April 12-16, announced the Investment and Trade Promotion Center of Can Tho City.
The event will feature 200 display booths of local businesses across the country and international enterprises of Japan, South Korea, India, Thailand, France, Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia.

The cake show will present to visitors more than 100 cakes and specialties, including traditional cakes of the Mekong Delta region; preserve and promote traditional cuisines and cultural activities of the Vietnam’s South. It is also a chance to promote tourism and cultural potentials of Can Tho city.

There will be a series of cultural activities, such as cake exhibition, folk cake making contest, calligraphy and don ca tai tu (Southern folk music) performances, traditional games and others.

In addition, the organization board will cooperate with travel companies to offer visitors tours to popular destinations in Can Tho.