Grilled pork hash

Grilled pork hash (Nem Nướng) is made from fresh pork. The fresh pork is kneaded hardly then gigging and grilling on the coal fire till sweet-smelling. It is better to eat while it is hot with fine rice vermicelli, fresh vegetables, rice paper, bean paste or mixed sauce. Hải Đăng
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Hammock shaped fine rice vermicelli (Bánh Hỏi Mặt Võng)

There is a well-known traditional fine rice vermicelli village in Phong Dien district, Can Tho city. Nowadays, the fine rice vermicelli industrial manufacture gradually replaces the traditional way but some of old people still keeping the fine rice vermicelli handwork. Phong Dien hammock shaped fine rice vermicelli is handcrafted from...
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