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Hai Khanh tourist orchard

Hai Khanh tourist orchard is still in completely unexploited condition. A small part of garden is used to grow orchids in order to supply orchid shops in the city. The rest is cultivated many kinds of fruits including mangosteen, langsat, durian, baccaurea, jack fruit, lekima…Coming here, you can visit orchid...
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Vu Binh tourist orchard

Vu Binh tourist orchard is known as a poetic and beautiful place, a large and airy space with floating houses under green mangosteen trees. You can go there by boats or cars. Coming here, you can visit the orchard, enjoy fruits or buy them to bring home, eat tasty foods,...
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Bang Lang Stork garden

Bang Lang Stork garden is far from the center of Can Tho city about 60km, from  National Highway 91 to Lo Te Road. From the highway to the garden about 2km, visitors can only enter in by small boats or motorbikes. Approximately 1.5 hectares wide, this garden is the home...
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