Christmas atmosphere is filled in Can Tho city

Christmas atmosphere is filled in Can Tho city
In less than two days, Can Tho city will welcome Christmas with cooler weather every year. Many shops and entertainment venues in the city have started decorating a month ago, so far the city has been filled with Christmas atmosphere.
Weather in Can Tho city has fluctuated between 22 and 30 degrees Celsius in about a week, making people and tourists anxious to welcome a new Christmas and New Year in 2018. Guests of the city will have the opportunity to visit and photograph and many models decorated beautifully and beautifully for Christmas in the major commercial centers as well as other shops.
In addition, visitors can also find many other shops selling many decorative items for Christmas.
During Christmas, people also have fun at the churches.
Christmas is also a time for family members to have warm moments together, the children wear lovely clothes to go out.
On the occasion of Christmas in the previous years, Hoa Binh Boulevard was crowded with vehicles because people went out to play together and watch the art-lighting street.
With the cold air like this year, Can Tho people and tourists are eager to welcome a full and happy Christmas with their family and friends.