Can Tho Night Market

Can Tho Night Market
Can Tho Night market on Hai Ba Trung runs the span of two blocks and is a great spot to check out local Can Tho life.
Just on Hai Ba Trung is the rather touristy Cho Can Tho which is housed in an impressive trapezoidal building. Once inside, you'll find overpriced knick-knacks that you can find in most tourists shops throughout the Mekong. 

If you are into street food, Phan Chu Trinh is the goods. Wrapping around the street are a bevy of street vendors that would put an LA food truck gathering to shame. The sheer variety of the dishes is overwhelming and just browsing can easily take up an hour or so. 

On Vo Van Tan are retail shops that tend to cater to younger Can Tho residents. While there are deals to be found here, most of the clothes are fitted for the smaller Vietnamese frame.