Cooperation to utilize advantages, develop Can Tho tourism

Cooperation to utilize advantages, develop Can Tho tourism

As the center of the Mekong Delta and with plentiful local resources, Can Tho city is strengthening the utilization of advantages, develop tourism diversely. Recently, the People’s Committee of Can Tho city singed to cooperate with Vietravel to utilize advantages, develop Can Tho tourism hastily and steadily…


Vietravel is focusing on cuisine to develop new tourism products in order to “hold” tourists. Picture is showing tourists experiencing how to make folk cake in Vam Xang Rustic. Photo: Kieu Mai

Can Tho city is located in the center of the Mekong Delta with convenient road, waterway and air transport infrastructure. Along with that, tourism resources are diversified, focusing on multiple types of trade, services and entertainment, meeting the conditions for tourism development. Mr. Nguyen Thuc Hien, Vice Chairman of Can Tho City People's Committee, claimed: Over the past, the city has been focusing on building infrastructure, especially traffic infrastructure, in order to maximize its potential and benefits, effectively utilize the city's tourism resources. And also focus on linking tourism development cooperation with localities to promote the role of the center of the Mekong Delta region, making the tourism industry truly become one of the key economic sectors of the city.

After 2 years of epidemic impact, when the COVID-19 epidemic was under control, Can Tho City focused on implementing many solutions to restore and develop tourism in the direction of safe and flexible adaptation in the new situation n order to attract tourists to Can Tho. In 2022, Can Tho city will welcome more than 5.1 million visitors, nearly 1.5 times compared to 2021. In particular, staying guests reached more than 2.5 million, 1.8 times higher than in 2021; total tourism revenue is estimated at over 4.100 billion VND, up nearly 200% over the same period in 2021. In order to promote cooperation in tourism development and investment promotion for socio-economic development in Can Tho city, the City People's Committee has signed an agreement with Vietravel for a period of 5 years.

Mr. Tran Doan The Duy, Vice Chairman of Vietravel said: Vietravel has always determined that business activities are always associated with the development of tourism in localities. In particular, Can Tho is one of the potential destinations, attracting tourists across the country and is also one of the first localities in the Mekong Delta region that Vietravel contact with to discuss strategic cooperation in tourism development. Through this signing, Vietravel will join hands to carry out promotional activities to promote and at the same time focus on utilize the tourism strengths of Can Tho to contribute to the overall development of Viet Nam tourism. With the advantage of owning the Trans-Asia Transport Enterprise and Vietravel Airlines with routes connected to key economic regions and famous tourist destinations throughout the country, Vietravel will definitely introduce tourists to the "To the West of the River" tour with the best price in the market.

Accordingly, Vietravel committed to consulting on building tourism - aviation products. Specifically, develop strategies and plans for tourism development in order to study and promote the potentials and advantages of tourism development of Can Tho city. Consulting on building products and services for tourism development in Can Tho city; specifically focus on building specific products with bold river identity, aiming at the center of tourism connection of the Mekong Delta. At the same time, support the city to research and develop typical tourism products and strengths of the city to increase the length of stay and the spending of tourists coming to Can Tho. Vietravel supports Can Tho in implementing urgent solutions in the conservation and development of Cai Rang floating market, improving the lives of merchants, focusing on preserving and promoting the value of the national intangible cultural heritage. About aviation, Vietravel cooperates with Can Tho City to study and exploit the existing routes effectively, increase the frequency of flights and expand new routes to, from, and abroad. In addition, Vietravel also has commitments on promotion, marketing and communication strategies; training cooperation strategy; investment activity…

Developing newer tourism products to "hold" tourists to stay in the locality longer, Ms. Ta Thi Tu Uyen, representative of Vietravel Tourism Company proposed to build a product of afternoon tea to watch the sunset on Hau River, Light Park on Hau River. In addition, to build Tan Loc isle into a "green" community tourist destination; preserve Cai Rang floating market and develop a culinary market full of delicious dishes representing provinces and cities in the region right in Can Tho.

The City People's Committee is committed to support general policies such as supporting and creating favorable conditions for Vietravel to implement investment projects and business activities in the city; provide Vietravel with information on planning, socio-economic development, construction and tourism; project investment support. Mr. Nguyen Thuc Hien, believes that through the signing of a cooperation agreement with Vietravel, two sides will strengthen coordination, ensuring long-term and sustainable cooperation. On the basis of the signed contents, two sides will contributing to promote the city's tourism development rapidly and sustainably and soon become a key economic sector...