Delicious dishes of Can Tho in floating season

Delicious dishes of Can Tho in floating season
Come to Can Tho floating season, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy many specialties named Tay Do.
1. Cirrhinus lobatus and Common sesban hotpot
The first is the fish hot pot. The unique taste of this dish is due to the sweet, juicy, sour taste, aromatic flavor of cotton crazy. Hot pot with fresh rice noodle or cooked rice, with salted fish sauce mixed with chili.
2. Cirrhinus lobatus salad
In the floating season, cotton can be used to mix salad with shrimp. The food is new and attractive with the bitter taste of cotton, the sweet taste of shrimp, the smell of roasted peanuts, sweet and sour spicy taste of water mixed.

3. Grilled Mice
Grilled Mice is very delicious, but not everyone dares to try it. Mice are selected as good fat, meat, clean, marinated with spices and baked nine golden. This dish is best served with Vietnamese mint and chili salts.
4. Vietnamese grilled snakehead fish
Beside the famous sour snakehead fish, the grilled snakehead fish in charcoal-style also be not less attractive. Fish after being cleansed will be bowed to the bamboo stick, plugged into the ground and then covered with straw and burned. Snakehead fish with sweet meat, sweet rice paper rolls, with aromatic herbs, green banana, cucumber, pineapple and tamarind sauce.
5. Water-lily and Fish Sauce Hotpot
Water-lily is a typical material that is abundant in floating season. Water-lily is stripped of the shell, cut short and drained. Fish sauce used for storage is usually cirrhinus lobatus. Fish sauce is boiled, filtered out of bones, add lemongrass, chili wedges just eat shrimp, eel, fish was added at the boiling fish sauce. Good taste of chili peppers, pineapple aromas of lemongrass, sweet shrimp, crispy water-lily .
6. Grilled snails with pepper
Grilled snails with pepper is simple folk food with easy to find ingredients. After the snail is soaked overnight with water washed rice to remove mud, rinse with water, cut off, will marinate with ground pepper, fresh pepper, fish sauce, sugar for spices and then baked on the coal stove for several minutes can be enjoyed.