Ecotourism – Ba Cong Ecotourism Garden

Ecotourism – Ba Cong Ecotourism Garden
Ba Cong Ecotourism Garden is a place supplying many specialty fruits of the western Viet Nam such as Lo Ren star fruits, Ha Chau Burmese grapes, mangosteens, Hoa Loc mangoes and so on. Excursionists can approach Ba Cong Ecotourism Garden by taking the cruise ship or even go sightseeing on bicycle under the shady green trees at the orchard.
Visitors visit the rambutan orchard at Ba Cong Ecotourism Garden
Ba Cong Ecotourism Garden surprisingly comes into operation. At first, this place is a garden which provides fruits for merchants at Can Tho market. In the dry season, foreign visitors come here and have great excitements with the strange-looking crossing foot bridge spanning on the arroyos; the village quietly hides in the shady green trees and bamboo hedges which are rustling in the ear-catching wind; the cottage garden surrounded with some eye-catching flowers…. When having an insight of many abundant fruit granaries lying along the canal bank, tourists can ask the driver to come over and ask for the permission of the landowner in order to try some kinds of fruits.
Gradually, travellers are more and more interested in this destination, specifically this orchard. From the rudimentary cottage garden with a few kinds of fruits, this 2ha garden is invested in planting more kinds of fruits so as to satisfy the tourists’ demand such as Lo Ren star fruits, Hoa Loc mangoes, plums, cashew nuts, Nam Roi pomelos, mangosteens, durians, rambutans, Ha Chau Burmese grapes, langsat, etc. Especially, the foreign excursionists are extremely keen on visiting seedless guava banks which consist of 700 guava trees. Walking between two lines of guava trees, travellers are head over heels with staring at plump guavas which are neatly kept on the plastic bags.
Durians at Ba Cong Ecotourism Garden
Mangosteens at Ba Cong Ecotourism Garden
The orchard has itself 5 small cafeterias and a big dining hall to serve travellers dishes from dusk till dawn. The owner says that foreign visitors in group inclusive tour usually go sightseeing from 7:30 to 11:30 whereas the remaining time is used for serving free independent travelers. The Ecotourism Garden attracts tourists by its fresh, cool atmosphere and peaceful villages. Additionally, travellers are tremendously fond of driving bikes (which are carried from the cruise ship) on the flat roads. Besides, coming to this place, visitors are also very excited when they can first set foot on Bamboo Bridge.
Visitors are really excited about Bamboo Bridge at Ba Cong Ecotourism Garden
Address: Ba Cong Ecotourism garden, Binh Pho B area, Long Tuyen ward, Binh Thuy district, Can Tho city