Food culture of peoples in Mekong Delta – Vietnam

Food culture of peoples in Mekong Delta – Vietnam
Mekong Delta is where the coexistence of the Vietnamese, Chinese, Khmer, Cham. In terms of culture, this area had a mix mutual interference.

However, in every nation, to a certain extent they have retained their own distinctive characteristics. Every nation has some typical dishes. For Vietnamese people have sour soup, braised fish, fish soup,… Meanwhile, Bun Nuoc Leo, Bun Mam, Siem Lo soup,… was typical of the Khmer. The Chinese have dishes like roast pork, prospective duck, respects duck, herbs soup, salted duck’s egg … But can say the division is only theoretical in nature, because in fact, this dish no clear limit between peoples. Among the dishes mentioned above, most of the Chinese, the Vietnamese, the Khmer in Southern eat alike.
In the Vietnamese community, Khmer, Chinese also some differences in taste in food processing. For example: The Chinese like to eat meat than fish, eat lard, little more than eat sour plum soup, salty sea like fish meat; Khmers love eating soup seasoning sauce Siamese lo-hormone beef instead of sour but by the process of living lasted from one life to the other, the more promiscuous general exchanges clings tighter, so the dish is gradually transferred same goods. All three ethnic groups in Mekong Delta, most of them prefer fish, fish stock.
Now, Let’s learn Lau Mam in Mekong Delta

Some people told Lau Mam originating from Chau Doc City, An Giang province, but the origin of Lau Mam can definitely say that the Vietnamese people are receptive Khmer and converted into Lau Mam today. The variation of the latter is nothing but a kind of culinary culture acculturation between native Khmers and Central and South reclamation. Biggest variations, can be said is a food symbol of the Mekong Delta, the monumental vegetable plate with dozens of vegetables.
The vegetables in the Lau Mam: Sung flowers, Tai Tuong leaves, pennywort, coconut vegetable, cotton than chopsticks, hyacinth, spinach, Nhut vegetables, need water vegetables, endive, endive ground, Keo Neo vegetables, broccoli, dragon beans, banana, price, eggplant, mushrooms, mushroom tough, bitter melon, okra, crab, chives flowers, cork cotton, mango sprout, beams of intestine sprout, celery, pineapple,… Impression sight of people eating fish is a platter of vegetable soup, with color red – green – yellow, green vegetables, red of Thai cotton than chopsticks, yellow of pumpkin flowers.
Meanwhile, impressive taste of the broth taste. Mam is often colorful fish, snakehead fish also where use Linh fish, Tren fish. And some other spices together to mask the smell of Mam. But people do not like the smell stylish Lau Mam pale, so Prahok Khmer in western ( western Mekong delta ) that the best for Lau Mam.
Also, Lau Mam variations also add another tier, become a synthesis of both food and sea waterways. Lau Mam is used in combination with roast pork, howling fish, squid, snails, shrimp, oysters,… So, they must also know enough pieces for your distribution: water, vegetables, meat, fish, how to meet has excellent flavor medium.