Hung homestay

Hung homestay
Hung homestay is located at 163 - Thanh Hue Area, Thuong Thanh Ward, Cai Rang District, Can Tho city, 6km from the city center. The homestay has a system of waterfront houses made by the South’s traditional way.
Besides, the fruit garden makes the air fresh, the scenery more romantic and peaceful.
Guests can stay in the house for a few days and have experience in the daily activities of the family such as farming, tree planting, grocery shopping, cooking, cake making ... In addition, Hung homestay also has activities such as: boating to join the floating market, learning the cultural characteristics of the South people or cycling to enjoying the view of village and visiting some traditional villages such as: weaving mats, making rice wine. Homestay is available for both private and corporate clients.
Contact: Nguyen Huu Nam Hung 0903 849 881