Mien Tay Bird Park

Mien Tay Bird Park
About 10 km from downtown Can Tho, follow the path of Can Tho Bridge to Cai Rang, Mien Tay Bird Park is built as a place to conserve, take care and nurture more than 150 species of birds, including: Painted stork, Purple swamphen, White-breasted waterhen, Greater coucal, Stork, Starling, Spot-billed duck, Mallard, Mandarin duck. Besides, there are some species originating from other countries such as: South American parrot, Australian parrot, African parrot, Hoopoe, Oriental pied hornbill,…
It will not be too surprising that this place impresses anyone who comes here the first time. Not far from the city center, but Mien Tay Birds Park has removed all the bustle of a bustling city that replaced the spacious space with the green of the leafy trees and cool air from lakes, canals.
With the desire to bring the love for nature, the sense of wildlife conservation to everyone, Mien Tay Bird Garden is constantly designing, creating attractive environment for visitors to learn about the bird world, about the development process of the birds from entering the growing period until they are able to fly.
The ecological diversity of Mien Tay Bird Park will certainly bring you moment that is meaningful and nature - close. Experiencing the thrill of precious birds, visitors will enjoy all the fun that awaits them on the trip to Mien Tay Bird Garden.