Attracttive Cuisine Culture at Hoa Su Restaurant

Attracttive Cuisine Culture at Hoa Su Restaurant
Hoa Su Tourist village located in the prime location, close to nature, cool water domain Here, in the thatched huts…

Hoa Su Tourist village located in the prime location, close to nature, cool water domain

Here, in the thatched huts typical South you just enjoy the delicious dishes using items and materials available in nature as trui snakehead, goby reeds baking, rotate the mouse lu, snails baked pepper, banana flower salad, grilled lizard, bat lotus porridge, hot pot sauce, hot pot country, ground cloves fried power … just enjoy the music and admire both amateurs and works century Bridge Tho famous Hau river connecting the pair.

Nuts roasted pepper

This is rustic specialties of the Southwest region with easy material for processing is not complicated, making diners feel both warm and marvelous mouth stomach, digestion and adapt to the “touch cup “between dear friends the weekend …

Screws are parboiled and then dropped onto the drop surface coal fire grilled, baked just give ready-made sauce spices like pepper, garlic, MSG … when the water inside the snail boil, then down into a shallow plate Lining fragrant laksa leaves. Spicy pepper spicy tingling in the tongue, just sweet salty, crunchy medium-eating and sipping water snails that are great.

Mouse spinning roller


Mekong Delta specialties, which travelers glance that “creepy people” like rat meat. However, with the West, the other items are formidable culinary delights, food tourism is far away.

How do mice spin lu quite elaborately. After the rats were made clean hair, then tuck into spicy clinch hung between the rollers, so the lid closed. Burning wood at the bottom of the 45-minute roller mouse is ripe lengthy, complex aroma ward. Salad served with rotating roller mouse is the most attractive laksa leaves, shiso, basil wool, put cucumber lemon soy sauce or salt and pepper.

Mouse spinning roller is the best kind of big rats Nhum, living alone on the mound between copper. This kind of aggressive mice, black hair gray, but the meat tasty and not fishy. Hay severe drain the entire balance, bringing gold chrome rollers rotate as milk swine “mi ni”.


Cotton stuffed fried squash


Crispy Stuffed squash is a pretty dish fancy variations with familiar ingredients such as fish ball falls strabismus, cotton pumpkin, spices …. The salty taste of fried fish, and the sweetness of cotton squash, crunchy powder, chili’s spicy delicacies is definitely weird mouth and gives you a sense of fun.


Dried mango salad with colorful fish


Dry colorful fish grilled over charcoal fire. Baked up fragrant smell of fish retrieved shredded lean fish, bones removed. Fresh mango real life, hard, sour. Exterior trim parts. Leave the fruit, chopped thin knife along the trail are on hand to hand mango and cut into transverse cut thin fibrous mixture of fish sauce, garlic, chopped chilli and sugar and mix well, for the past half an hour or until you see the tan line, for a new and different dishes into the mix to dry fish. Finally the laksa leaves chopped into. Dried colorful fish taste of salt and sweetness of wild meat. When mixed with green mango salad is easy to eat sweet and sour dishes and is the preferred drink of the husband is.


Raceway horror delicacies preferred by many

Look who found Chairs road

Eating to know where impeccably



It’s called sugar specialties “horror” because the road is shaped like worms, milk white, limp, downy body it has no legs, only to move by crawling, slithering back and forth. But the road to pick up grip bamboo charcoal grill Riu Riu, are slowly becoming ripe until fragrant smoke rising food and vegetables, fish sauce tamarind or lemon delicious vinegar, garlic. The aromatic herbs, spicy, sour, salty taste mixed with fat baked air path into sour taste of tamarind real food “was”. Also, sugar can also do a lot of other dishes like fish sauce laced eaten raw, fried dough soaked in sugar, sugar roasted, boiled coconut sugar, brown sugar porridge …


In ancient times, the track very much, but as the later, more rare racetrack, more precious and expensive it is a very special characteristic of scrumptious delicious western rivers. 


 Grilled frog salt pepper



Frog baking dish delicious chili salt, just soft flesh just hunting, rum crispy, fragrant frog, salty taste of salt, the pepper spicy insurance, the laksa leaves of the created especially delicious taste for frog baking dish. Use hot, dotted with lemon pepper salt.

Baked goby reeds

Goby goby also called truss, live in the mangrove sediment. The meat is very clean, the special gallbladder unforgettable taste.

It can be processed into a variety of dishes goby such as pepper, crispy, fragrant knotweed warehouse, salt grilled peppers, roasted garlic, goby fish soup, fish soup and add a dish contract … just picky, just the rustic baked goby reeds.

Reed to reed baked goby should select small, fat and more water, cut each piece, have started to put fish into the hollow. Goby alive cleaned and seasoned. When inserted into the reed fish, leave the tail blow out. Riu Riu fire embers. How to make baked directly goby softer, sweeter, especially reeds decent water out sweetness and aroma permeability characteristics of the reed. When both yellow reeds, fish is also falling quickly cooked by the heat of the water pipe Phragmites.

Herbs, banana fish dish comes together. Fish baked tubes  are not picky reed screening rule. Just be smooth lemon pepper enough.

Tear reed pipe, the heat rising from the fish, the fish pieces into the mouth, the sweetness of the fish mixed with the sweetness of the reed. Spicy, salty, sour lemon pepper salt to taste very strange one, impeccably delicious. Taste of contract goby concentrated in the liver, bile, just fat people just ring but very sweet post.

Grilled lizard

Just for the lizard to wait nine fire embers are blackish yellow, then start out, scrape off scales coal ash, gutting, and broke each song beads served hot with salt + pepper green insurance. Needless to say delicious.

Crispy Fish flexibility

This type of freshwater fish, spawning in the fall, large flocks swim. Immature fish water season each at half the little finger, only to adult fish finger. To make this dish to choose fresh fish or live fish as possible. Can not breaded or preference of the customers. This dish indispensable raw vegetables and sauces. These cute little fish spirit, crisp, dotted with sour tamarind sauce with vegetables delicious food until the belly. Food is very suitable for rainy days, and also a bait husband is drinking is preferred.

In addition to fried fish sour soup is also flexible cork cotton consumption or warehouse, warehouse crackers passion. Personal spiritual maturity latter countries also do fish.

Fish snakehead trui

Calories trui c is a rustic dish typical of the South River South, the West, but no one is enjoying this dish was a pity. With processing simple but very unique flavor.

Fish snakehead trui not need pre-processing, fish just caught up in the river, washed up on the fire to embers. When cooked fish, scrape off scales were scorched to reveal white and fragrant meat, sprinkle with onion, served with tamarind sauce and usually book with vermicelli rice paper, herbs of all kinds.

Tortoise can do a lot of delicious and nutritious food, but food is still delicious salted turtle, and easy to make, easy to find spices, just enjoy rustic way.

Turtle salted

Cutting blood turtleneck, turtle blood inspired dishes. Alcohol insole as cat eyes or white rice wine mixed gourmet turtle blood is never ignored.

Prepare a large clay pot. Salt seed beads to choose big, the bigger the better. Pour salt into the pot seeds, leave the turtle, cook up north, turn up the heat until the salt explosion no longer hear the blast of salt down the potholder, grab the turtle, shell splitting knife, remove the hook heart . Tear meat into fork out for turtles. So you can taste with salt turtles salted chili lemon pepper or salt with laksa leaves. Putting a few glasses of wine with spicy new white sticky feel all the flavor crunchy, juicy, succulent meat of the turtle, spicy spicy laksa leaves, basil, pungent, sticky juicy wine …

Lau solid

Not too fussy, not need many spices, snake meat itself with enough sweetness characteristic which makes diners delusion. Moreover, when in the form of soup, snake meat has a natural fragrance, all blades, suitable for all ages.

This dish can only be eaten with vegetables and spinach. Any other vegetables that are shared hotpot solid food becomes fishy, loss of even ruin the dish. Spinach dip in the water when the pot becomes brittle solid, tough and bringing new tasty.
snakes eat hot pot with vermicelli noodles. When you enjoy this dish will feel natural sweetness, because this dish without MSG.

If you see unfamiliar eat snake meat so much bone, but if you eat meat every fiber peeling like snake meat peeled sugarcane is extremely lean and it will have conquered all though most fastidious diners.

Crab pot

West always remains in the visitor pictures of white girls with long hair, the small boat on the river and down country salvaged cork cotton. In it, there are rustic but captivating, one of which is the crab pot. A dish has bold, just cool bar, it is equally attractive.

The concentration of crab soup, seafood sweetness from the air in the cool of the bar to taste vegetables brought harmony to eat, eat ice cream with mi, bun or rice are both.  

Lau mam

The brown color and characteristic aroma of fish sauce, water, garlic, peppers being chopped by comparison combined with lemongrass. The fish meat dishes are coming out, where my father to eat that sweet meat, shrimp, eels, snails and fish combined with fresh vegetables such as lilies, hardworking anchors, bitter herbs, vegetables shy , banana, cotton, cork, cotton, coir, cotton hyacinth … vegetables and all kinds of cotton, but to no sauce, so pale, crunchy crunchy food, tinged with the fish without losing a dish made of vegetables sauce pot rustic cuisine characterized in the South.

People often say “Go eat vegetables waters” and the great combination between vegetables and flowers with pot, made the tonal harmony cuisine featured in contempt river. This is also a way for people to be able to fully enjoy the natural style cuisine is full of spacious gardens, public lands that are hard to get.

Fresh rice pot country

Eat a variety of delicious hot pot and pot country but you have tried? Listen to pot country, many people would not imagine and wonder what will eat in this hot pot.

She is the main spices for hot pot, there to eat raw with fresh water, there are many types such as shrimp, fish, snails, eels … Depending on tastes, preferences you can choose materials different to enjoy. You can embed spoiled okay!

There are also many kinds of vegetable soup served with vegetables such as spinach, coconut, cotton gun … In an afternoon with the family and friends together, just tasted sour soup bar, easy defects in water, just as tasty broth, heat, feeling close and cozy.

Banana flower salad with chicken

Banana flower salad is a rustic dish that has a very special flavor. Boiled chicken after tearing into pieces, just eat. When food is mixed with shredded chicken parts banana flower absorbs spices. For roasted peanuts and little laksa on the salad plate, that is already delicious dish. Eat chicken and banana flower dust mops, plus a sour taste sour, spicy, sweet sweet sauce will make your party becomes extremely attractive.