Duck cooked with soya cheese - wonderful dish from Southern Vietnam

Duck cooked with soya cheese - wonderful dish from Southern Vietnam
Whoever has come to Mekong Delta for just one time would never forget the special flavor of the duck cooked with soya cheese in Can Tho province.
Duck cooked with soya cheese is a typical dish of people in the South, especially in Can Tho. Although this dish is not a delicacy, it is still widely enjoyable.
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A pot of duck cooked with soya cheese can be served with vermicelli, noodle and vegetables. Making the dish is not very difficult, everyone can do it to enjoy at home.
The main ingredient to make this dish is duck meat, and we can also use wild goose. After removing all the duck’s feather, using a mixture of garlic water and wine to rub over the duck.
Chop the duck meat into medium pieces and embalm it with these spices: white soya cheese, monosodium glutamate, garlic, pepper, chili, coconut milk and begin to stew.
Then, boil the taro until they are done to a turn, remove all their cover and fry them with oil. When the duck meat is nearly done, put the fried taro, onion and mushroom into the pot, cook them in 15 more minutes.
We will enjoy the dish as a kind of hotpot. Therefore, we should prepare some kinds of vegetable such as mustard greens or bindweed and some others food like mung bean vermicelli or glass noodles. Mix them all together and soak them into the pot of duck and soya cheese. Some people even enjoy the dish with half – hatched duck, or cress, bean sprouts.
Whatever food we use to serve with duck cooked with soya cheese, we should remember that it is best to enjoy the dish when it is still hot. Each piece of duck meat remains an unforgettable aftertaste with all flavors: the sweet, greasy and fragrant taste of soya cheese and coconut milk, the hot of pepper, chili and garlic, the cool of vegetables.
According to the traditional experience, the duck meat has yin character, which is cold. Therefore, it would be best when using duck meat with those that have yang character, which is hot as wine, pepper, garlic and chili. Then, it would create a balance which makes the dish become very good for our health.
We can easily find duck cooked with soya cheese at almost every places in Mekong Delta, but in Can Tho, the dish seems to be more delicious and meticulous. If we enjoy duck cooked with soya cheese in cold days, it would be very wonderful. All its special tastes have contributed to the wonderful Southern cuisine.
Source: SGGP