Street Food In Can Tho – Vietnam

Street Food In Can Tho – Vietnam
If you have free time to experience Can Tho cuisines, you should visit Ninh Kieu port, this is one of the busiest area of the region, and also famous for the diversity of street food. With very acceptable price, you can comfortably enjoy the delicious food here. In this article, we strongly recommend you to try these food because it is preferred by many tourists who came here.
Bot Loc Cake
Bot Loc Cake is sold at many small shops on Truong Dinh and Nguyen Van Cu Street. This dish is mostly eat as a light meal. Bot Loc Cake is made from rice flour, filling with shrimp or roasted pork and then steam. The cake is chewy, and have a very unique taste due to the great combination of shrimp and pork. People usually eat Bot Loc Cake with some fresh herbs and sweet sour fish sauce.
Hoi Cake eaten with baked rolls
This dish is quite fascinating for many tourists because of its delicious taste. This cake is white in color, also made from rice flour, eaten baked rolls, vegetables and sweet sour fish sauce. Some traditional restaurants use their unique peanut sauce.
At Ninh Kieu, you can go to Hoa Binh Avenue or Nguyen Viet Hong Street to find some best restaurants in the region that offer this dish.
Sweet Tofu
If you like to enjoy some icy refreshments, 1 tip for you is to go to Mau Than Street or Nguyen Van Cu Street to enjoy special sweet tofu. Although the dish has very simple ingredients, when mixing together, you will find that it creates a spectacular taste. In particular, tofu is mixed with caramel, some jellies, sugar and sweet coconut milk.
So, those are some of our recommendations for you. In your next trip to Can Tho, if you have some free time, remember to come to Ninh Kieu port and try these, and remember to come a little bit late in the afternoon, less hot of course. Just imagine this, wandering around on the windy port, sitting on small chairs of the food vendors and trying these delicious dishes, such an interesting experience!!!
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